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made4aid has been raising money for charity and relief work, through selling handmade arts and crafts, since 2009.



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Artists and crafters can donate their work to made4aid, to be sold online and raise money for aid.

Anyone can buy unique handmade items from made4aid and know that the money they spend will go to aid and relief work.


made4aid is a non-profit-making organisation,  raising money for aid and relief work,  through the generosity of creative people around the world. Handmade art or craft items - or materials - can be donated to made4aid and will be sold online to raise money for aid. All proceeds (excluding Etsy/paypal fees)  go to the relief work of Médecins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders).  You can find more information about where the money goes here.


made4aid has a blog with other news, including latest donations, who is making and donating made4aid items, where the money goes and how much we have raised so far.

made4aid also has a page with links to other handmade art and crafts for charity projects and webpages - we try and keep this updated!


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A quick introduction:

made4aid was launched in June 2009.

On this website you will find information about the History and background of this non-profit-making charity organisation. We aim to raise money for charity and aid work through on-line sale of handmade art and craft items.  We sell handmade jewellery,  artwork, felt, cards, clothing and accessories, knitting, weaving and other textiles, art prints, patchwork. Also supplies for hand-made arts, crafts and hobbies. Items for sale are donated by all kinds of creative people who make things either for fun, as a hobby, or as part of a business.  On the Overview page we explain how made4aid works.

On the Donating to made4aid pages you will find information on the kinds of art and craft work which might be donated to made4aid - which we sell online. There are guidelines here about possible items to give and instructions.

If you want to look at the lovely artwork and crafts which have been sold so far, you can look at the 'Sold Items' on Etsy.  You can also see our first ever sales in 2009-10  on the the  blog made4aid.

For information about the charity and aid projects we are supporting, see the Charity information page. We will keep this page updated with information about the money raised so far and about the charity and aid projects to which the money will be given.

If you can help to advertise and promote this fundraising project with people who are interested in art and craft, please see our promotion page for information about how you might be able to help.

We will be adding links, on the Links page, to other websites which contribute to charity through art and craft. We will also list websites which are interesting and useful for artists and crafters - sources of ideas and inspiration, websites and blogs which give tutorials in how to make and create.

We hope you will spend some time exploring this website and that it gives you all the information you need about made4aid.  If it doesn't, please do contact us!

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