3. What will happen when I've sent my item/s?

  • When we receive your emailed listing details, we will send you an email confirming that it has arrived and telling you, if possible, the general time-frame when we hope to be putting it up for sale. You will then be able to follow the listing and see how/when your item sells.

  • If you have a web-page, blog or shop we will link to you when your item is listed, and we will add you to our list of donors  (let us know if you would rather not be listed)

  • When your item sells and we've received payment, we will send you the buyer's details so that you can ship it to them.


  • When you have shipped the item, email us to let us know so that we can send a notification to the buyer.
  • You will confirm the shipping cost, and your paypal account details for us to refund you the cost of shipping, unless you are paying this yourself, as part of your giving. Please note that paypal charges will be deducted from our shipping refund payment.


Please click here for the full guidelines for donations to made4aid Etsy.