Charity information

  • made4aid is run by volunteers and is entirely non-profit-making, all profits* are given to charity.
  • made4aid is a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.  Our membership number is 11190.
  • money raised from sales, or donations, goes first to the made4aid paypal account, then into a CAF account where gift aid is added -  and from there to our designated charity.

*Profits include the price paid for the item, or the remainder of the price if the person donating the item takes a percentage to cover their costs. Profits exclude Etsy and paypal charges and may exclude postage costs in some cases.

Our designated Charities

From Autumn 2010 as an Etsy charitable shop, made4aid has donated all profits to

Médecins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders

MSF is an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation which began with the work of some French doctors in Nigeria in the 1970’s. It has grown into an international and Nobel Peace Prize winning organisation which is committed to providing medical aid where it is most needed regardless of race, religion, politics or gender.

MSF are usually to be found on the frontlines working in disaster situations such as Ethiopia in the 1980’s, Somalia and Rwanda in the 1990’s,  Haiti and Pakistan in 2010, Japan in 2011.

For more information go to

We had expected to be giving, also, to the World Food Programme USA, but the fees for processing donations to overseas organisations are quite high, so for the time being we will be giving all proceeds to Médicins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders.

made4aid giving to date  TOTAL SO FAR = £2788 / US$4408

This is where the money has gone:

From June 2009 – September 2010 made4aid sent money raised to the World Food Programme for relief work in the refugee camps in Darfur. In January and February 2010, we also sent money to the World Food Programme for relief work in Haiti.

Totals given to the World Food Programme:

£1300 / $ (S) 2114.32 to the World Food Programme for work in Darfur

£520 / $780.73 to the World Food Programme for work in Haiti.


In 2011, made4aid were involved in fund-raising for the Japan emergency, working with EdmissionUK.

£163/$260 was raised and donated, via the Japan Embassy in London.


Since Autumn 2010, a total of £805/$1272 has been donated to Médecins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders, as follows:

£460 / $718 to the 'Children of War' appeal.

£345 / 545.48 to MSF.


Copies of our Charity Aid Foundation account payments are available on request.


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