Policy, Terms and conditions

Our aims and objectives:

Our aim is to raise money for charitable causes and aid work through handmade arts and crafts.

Our objectives are to invite and encourage donations of handmade arts and craft items and supplies to made4aid;  to sell all such donated items online; to give all or a percentage of the proceeds to charitable causes; to enable artists, crafters and others to contribute to charity through creative work whether their own or that of other people.

Our organisation:

made4aid is run by a small team of volunteers - you can learn more about the history and background of made4aid here.

made4aid is organised online via our website, blog, email and - from Autumn 2010 - via an Etsy shop.  We aim to be transparent in explaining our aims, methods and the way we organise this project and we welcome questions, suggestions and other kinds of feedback.

We are committed to working collaboratively and hope that the made4aid team may grow in the future both in the size of the team and in the number and range of countries/continents involved - made4aid is based in the UK.  Donations can be made from anywhere worldwide and items can normally be bought and mailed worldwide. We are committed to equal opportunities and are open to contributions from and collaboration with anyone who shares our interests and aims.

We are a non-profit-making organisation and are registered with the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Membership No. 11190. The costs of setting up made4aid so far have been contributed as donations from the made4aid team.  You can find more information on our charitable giving and fundraising status here.

Terms and conditions


1. Please only donate items which are in good saleable condition.

2. Please be willing to ship worldwide if you can, but let us know if you can't do this, so that details about availability can be included with the item description.

If your item doesn't sell after a couple of months, we may reduce the price.  If your item doesn't sell within the 4-month Etsy listing period, we can either relist it, or you can withdraw the item, this is your choice.

3. We welcome donations which meet the criteria given on this website. If you send details of an item which doesn’t meet these criteria then we will email you explaining this.

If you are unsure about whether or not your work or item is suitable, please email us first – we want to avoid misunderstanding or disappointment!

We would expect to sell at the price you suggest for your item, but we will also consider prices of similar items on eBay, Etsy etc and liaise with you as necessary. See Donating art and crafts for further details.


We will try to ensure that items sold are of good quality and are described accurately.  Handmade items will often have irregularities or unevenness which are not flaws, but which are part of the nature and character of hand-made work.

Please see the made4aid Etsy shop Policies section for full details about payment, shipping and returns policy.


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