4. Guidelines for donating to made4aid Etsy

Full guidelines for donations to made4aid:

Thank you so much for considering giving an item to us!


We want to make the process as clear, simple and understandable as possible for all our sakes, and it will help us if you can take note of the following when you send details of your donated item.

If it helps, you could download these guidelines,  fill in information about your item in the gaps and send us the document - or you can just put the details in an email to us, whatever is easier for you.

Please click here to download these guidelines.


So - when you want to donate an item, please would you let us have:

1. A description of the item

i. What you would call or name your item, in the ‘Item Title”

ii. Details including:

- size/dimensions;

- materials;

- care details

- anything else buyers might want to know.

- Some details about how/when it was made, and/or about you or about the maker are nice if possible.

(If you’re not sure about any of this, have a look at our other items on Etsy which may give you some ideas : http://www.etsy.com/shop/made4aid)


2. Photographs:

We can use up to 5 photographs, please send at least 3 if you can. Its good to include a close up if possible.

3. Information about you (or about your item, if it is vintage):

some info. about you would be nice, if you want us to include that, and we can also include your website/Etsy/blog details; or if you are donating a vintage item, where it came from etc.


4. Cost:

how much would you like us to ask for this item?


5. Shipping:

We can charge shipping on your item, so long as you have a Paypal account for us to use to reimburse you, after your item is shipped. Please let us have shipping details for all the regions/countries you can ship to. If you are able to give any estimates of delivery time, that would be helpful too.

If you want to include shipping costs as part of your donation, your item can be listed as Free Shipping.



Please contact us if you have any queries: made4aid@yahoo.co.uk


When your item is bought and paid for:

  1. We will email you with the buyer's details, and would ask you to ship within 5 working days if you can please. (If it will take longer thats fine, just let us know so that it can go into the item description).
  2. Please email the buyer when the item is shipped with an estimate of when it might be expected to arrive and copy the email to made4aid.
  3. Please be prepared to package securely and choose a fast and safe shipping method.
  4. Please keep your proof of shipping so that you can reclaim the item cost for yourself, should the worst happen. Made4aid do not generally accept responsibility for uninsured items lost or damaged in shipping but Paypal buyer protection does apply.
  5. Email us to confirm the cost of shipping, and give us your paypal details so that we can refund you the cost of shipping, unless you are paying this yourself as part of your giving. Please note that paypal charges will be deducted from our shipping refund payment.
  6. Our returns information is specified in the Etsy shop policies section – do please check you are happy with these policies in relation to your donation.


If your item doesn't sell

Etsy listings are normally for 4 months. If your item is unsold after a couple of months, we may contact you to see if you are happy for us to reduce the price. If it is unsold after the 4 months, we will be in contact to see if you want to relist it, or withdraw it.


If you want to donate a percentage of the selling price, rather than the total cost, please contact us. We understand that many artists and crafters are struggling to make a living from their work and may want to give something but also need to cover their costs – we will try and find a way to make this work, so please email us at made4aid@yahoo.co.uk






If you have suggestions to make about the way we are operating, or questions – do please let us know, we welcome your feedback and want to keep improving our methods for donations and for buyers.

It seems important to be clear and avoid confusion from the outset – if any of this doesn't make sense to you, please let us know: made4aid@yahoo.co.uk


[made4aid also sold items between June 2009 and March 2010 via the made4aid blog (www.made-4-aid.blogspot.com).]




or, you can also support us by putting a made4aid aid button on your website or blog

(go to the made4aid blog to find our button)

or by buying something

or by telling your friends

or by liking our facebook page