Art & craft for charity and other links

Art craft and charity links, plus a few other relevant links

There are quite a few useful websites which list craft charity projects, here are a few of them:



Charity Crafting Family crafts

Craft site directory

Crafts4Charity (who list art and craft websites in return for charity donations)/



And here are just a few other specific craft-for charity projects we have come across:

Raising money for aid, through handmade arts and crafts:


  • Jimmy Kayondo is a painter and graphic designer living in Kampala, Uganda - he paints amazing portraits and paintings and donates 40% of all proceeds from his artwork to MLISADA, a Ugandan charitable organisation which provides a home for street children and young people, and transforms their lives, including - in particular - through music.  You can find out more about MLISADA here, and more about Jimmy and his work here.
  • The inspiration for made4aid was Bags4Darfur - run by Joyce in Canada, who raised money for aide in Darfur from 2008-2013 by auctioning her wonderful handmade bags, made from vintage fabrics.
  • Handmade items can also be sent to  handmadehelp to be used or sold to help those affected by bush fires in Australia in 2009, and there are links here for quilters who want to give their help to this cause.
  • Anthony Donnelly has launched a great celebrity art project in the US - details here


Raising money for local artists and craftspeople in developing countries, through worldwide sale of their work:

Traidcraft - global, fairly traded crafts from developing countries

Aid to Artisans SA - weaving and other crafts, South Africa

Cups of Kindness - arts and crafts for regional Foodbank, NE Ohio, USA

Blue Kitabu - selling prints and posters raising money for education in Africa and elsewhere

Sources of knitting patterns suitable to use for charity donations (with copyright permission)

Alan Dart gives open use of his patterns, including for items to be sold for charity, so long as he is given credit as designer - although this should not include patterns for licensed characters (eg. film characters) - unless you have separate permission from the copyright holders. Alan has some free patterns available on his website, and his other patterns are fairly low-cost.

And this book has 25 great patterns, all suitable for charity use.
Knits to Share and Care, by Gerard Allt, D&C Press 2008.

Please let us know of other art and craft for charity work which we can link to here.

There is also a great site on recycling and paper arts and crafts for children - this link was found by Mary, while her class in Seattle was doing some work on recycling. Quite a few of the donations sold by made4aid are recycled in one way or another, so this is a great link to add - thanks Mary!