Donors and sponsors

There is a range of ways you can support and contribute to made4aid by donating - for further information, click here.

Listed below are artists and crafters who have donated some of their work or other handmade items or supplies to made4aid, with links to their websites or shops, where we have these.

So - thanks for donations to Doff, Lucilia, Yoz-Gang, Wendy, Mandy, Olga, Rhonda, Lynn, Naomi, Emma and Barb. Thanks to Katie and Caitlin for cash donations (January 2011).

Thankyou very much to Jessie Sun from Columbus Ohio, who donated some of her jewellery as part of a High School project.

Thanks also to Rose Kaffenberger, Elise McWilliams for donations, and to Zarrine,  Joy and Ella for sending donations of craft supplies and haberdashery.

We currently (2014-2015) have Pam Naylor and Sue working as part of made4aid, making and donating jewellery and other items.

Other donors:

Toby Attrill of Natural Attrill

Ati from Norway, whose work you can see here and here, and whose blog is here.

Lettuce, from Niddy noddy

Neil Graham, whose wooden jewellery you can see here and here.

Susan Sanford of ArtSparker, who sells Tshirts and other artwork here and here.

Thankyou for a generous cash donation from EdmissionUK.

Pat Naylor of Passion at work

Jasmine of Nature's whispers

Graham Smith, whose photography you can see here.

Amanda Howard of Maygreen Fairies blog and website.

Woo of The Devil makes work

Anna-Lu of Demi-doll-couture

Jo of Babygotbead also on Etsy

Janys, who has an Etsy shop and a craft blog

Wendy, whose Etsy shop is modernandvintage

Molly of  patchworkpath

Adrianna, of EarthyGirls Originals - on Etsy here

Tanya of My old French, on Etsy, and Pomme de Jour for her fab. Je t'aime photo.

Tangerine Blossom, on Etsy here

Kris, in the US, who donated some yarn.

Claire Leggatt  ClaireLeggettArt who has donated a hand knitted baby cardigan