History and background

made4aid is a new project started in June 2009,  which grew out of a number of things :

  • blogging and the development of on-line friendships and communities
  • a love of handmade arts and crafts
  • wanting to contribute to the work of charity and aid organisations

A number of bloggers and arty crafty people saw Joyce's Electic Bag blog which auctions hand-made vintage-fabric bags to raise money for Darfur. Some of these bloggers and arty crafty people sent Joyce fabrics and buttons and bags to contribute to her work.

Then these bloggers and arty crafty people wondered whether there might be other creative people out there who love making things, and who would donate some of their work too to be auctioned for charity - for work with refugees in Darfur and maybe elsewhere.

We can now contact such people because of the wonderful world-wide web

So - the idea of made4aid grew..... and here is it.

We  launched made4aid in June, 2009, as a non-profit-making organisation run entirely by volunteers.

Between June 2009 and March 2010, we sold lots of lovely handmade items on the made4aid blog, and raised nearly £2000/$3000.

In Autumn 2010 the made4aid Etsy shop launched.


arts and crafts for charity