Overview - how does made4aid work?

Step One

If you make  handmade items  – jewellery, textiles, artwork, knitting, sewing, printing, weaving, handmade cards, photography – almost anything handmade - or have supplies for art/craft - and you are willing to give something to be sold by made4aid, then you can email photos and a description to us, and we will list it for sale online. If you need to cover your costs and want to donate a perentage of the proceeds, not all, to made4aid, please contact us - we want to make it possible for you to give what you can.  For further information about donating items see Donating art and crafts.

If you want to donate, but you are not able to do the photographs and description yourself,  please contact us.

Step Two

When we receive your emailed details we will post them online with a description and price. For further information about donating items see Donating art and crafts.

We will accept donations from anywhere in the world, and would normally expect  bought-items to be mailed worldwide.

Step Three

When an item is sold and paid for through Paypal, we will inform you as the donor/maker,  so that  you can post to the buyer.

Step Four

At regular intervals, money raised is transferred from the made4aid Paypal account,  to a Charity Aid Foundation bank account  and then from there to our designated charity organisations.  Click here for more info. on where the money goes.

The made4aid blog has regular updates on the amounts of money raised and sent to charity.

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