2. Donating to made4aid - an overview

We are very happy to accept donations from anywhere in the world - so long as they are in good saleable condition, and you are able to post them securely to the buyer.

Rather than shipping your actual item/s to us, details of donated items are usually sent by email and you will post the item to the buyer once it is sold. Unless you want to pay the cost of shipping as part of your donation, we will refund your shipping costs once the item has been sent.

Click here for more information about the kinds of items which could be donated.


How to donate - an overview :

  • You email details of your donation to us at made4aid@yahoo.co.uk  - a description and information about the item, together with the price you want to set.  Click here to download our donation form, or here to read our full guidelines on donations.
  • If you have an item/s to donate but are not able to do the listing details and photos, please contact us.
  • When your item is bought and paid for, we email you the buyer's details, and you post the item directly to them.
  • We refund the cost of shipping to you, via Paypal,  unless you are paying this yourself as part of your giving.
  • If you need some of the item cost to pay for supplies or materials, then please contact us - it is possible for us to list an item where part (eg. 50% or 75%) is donated to charity the the remainder is paid to you, via paypal.


Items made using a pattern - copyright issues

If you want to donate items you make, such as knitted or sewn items, then do be sure that you have copyright permission to use the patterns, unless you're using your own designs of course!  Our page on Art & Craft for charity has links to websites, and other information, about patterns which are available to use for sale for charity.

Unsuitable items which we can't accept:

We can generally only sell items made by you,  unless they are antique/vintage (in which case they should be at least 20 years old).

The most suitable items are those which are fairly easy to post.  Donors need to ensure that mailed items are securely wrapped and - particularly if very valuable or fragile - sent by suitable and safe means.  

Ceramics, china or glass may not be very suitable though jewellery, beads and small light items which can be packaged safely would be okay.

We cannot sell any food or drink items, perishables or consumables.


Cash donations:

We will gladly accept cash donations, if that is how you prefer to contribute to made4aid.

All made4aid funds, including any cash which is donated, is passed on to our designated charity or aid work, after Etsy fees and running costs (shipping costs and web-site costs) are paid.

To make a cash donation click here: